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Lab-Flex® 200

Lab-Flex® 200 is ideal for low loss replacement of solid dielectric .195" diameter cables. With an 80% velocity tape-wrapped dielectric, Lab-Flex® 200 cable has 40% lower loss than solid dielectrics of the same size, (such as RG142).

Lab-Flex® 200 Datasheet
Lab-Flex® 200UV Datasheet

The Lab Flex 200UV cable incorporates a Carbon/Teflon layer between the outerconductor shields that yields a higher number of  flexure cycles and low VSWR performance. This layer minimizes frictional heat buildup between the outerconductor shields when the cable is flexed. This design significantly enhances  the overall flexure life of the cable assembly. This Carbon/Teflon layer also acts as an reflection absorber that improves VSWR performance and makes this cable assembly an ideal candidate for test and measurement applications. This cable is particularly well suited for testing low noise,  active components as the Carbon/Teflon layer also contributes to low noise cable assembly performance.


  • Mode Free Operation to 32GHz
  • 80% Velocity Low Loss Dielectric
  • Superior Shielding Effectiveness
  • Available with Protective Coverings of:
    • Armor
    • Weatherized
    • Armor/Weatherized
  • Stainless Steel Connectors
  • Phase Matched Sets Available (standard tolerance is ± 2.8 degree per GHz)


  • Test Cables
  • Test Head Cables
  • Switch Interconnects
  • Antenna Systems
  • Radar Systems

Quick Specification

1 720 8.6
3 400 17
5 310 20
10 220 29
18 165 39
26 162 54
32 160 60
Bend Radius: 1.0 inches (25.4mm)